Andy is available for private drum lessons in West Bridgford, Nottingham, throughout the week. These can be set up on a weekly, biweekly, or as arranged basis, and can range from half an hour to half a day. You can find answers to some questions you may have on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here for Google Map of the teaching studio.

Prices for lessons are £15 for each half hour (i.e £30 for an hour lesson).

Please contact Andy to arrange lessons or discuss the information below further.


This is an overview of common questions and concerns faced when thinking about taking drum lessons and choosing a teacher. It is intended as a starting point from which a mutual understanding between you and your teacher can be built, ensuring your lessons are enjoyable, while delivering the skills that you need to achieve your goals. If you do not find all of your questions answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Andy directly.

what to expect

In your lessons you will cover various aspects of drumming including technique, rudiments, and a variety of musical styles. The aim of the lessons is to give you the skills and inspiration to enable you to express yourself creatively on the drums. Unlike formal academic qualifications, there is no preset syllabus that must be followed, and with the limitless potential of music, knowing what you need to learn can be a daunting prospect for both the student and the teacher. If you want to learn a certain style and not another, that’s fine; essentially, you are the boss and what you want to learn is in your hands. However, to achieve your goals there will often be times when skills and ideas need to be developed gradually, particularly when first starting out, and this requires commitment and patience.

what is expected of you

There are only two things asked of students; that you should want to come to your lessons, and that you always enjoy what you are doing. If you do, the rest will follow naturally. You will need to practice between your lessons, and work hard at the things that you find difficult, but if you really want to learn to play the drums this will be a fun challenge rather than a chore. If you ever found that you were not enjoying your lessons for any reason, you should raise this immediately so we can get back to focus on your interests!

graded exams

Whether or not you choose to follow the graded drum exams is totally up to you! The two main examining bodies currently offering grades are Trinity and Rock School. Both have exam an syllabus aimed at developing and demonstrating the skills required by professional musicians working in contemporary music, with slightly differing exam formats. Both bodies are recognized by colleges and universities should you want to further your studies through academic routes, and grade 6 and above gain UCAS points.

what you will need

When you start lessons there is nothing that you really need. However, it is good to have your own drumsticks. These cost around £12 per pair, and are available at the teaching studio. If you are playing or learning on an acoustic kit it is also important to get some hearing protection, although this is provided at lessons.

canceling a lesson

There are occasions when you may need to cancel a lesson. When this is the case please give as much notice as possible, but at a minimum by 6:00pm the day before the lesson is scheduled. Lessons cancelled later than 6:00pm the day before may be charged at the full rate. Please contact Andy by phone to cancel lessons.

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