Q1 Will I learn on electric or acoustic drum kits?

A1 Having taught on both acoustic and electric kits in the past, Andy's studio has two professional acoustic Gretsch kits to offer the student the best possible experience (and the most fun!). Electric kits are good practice tools when noise is an issue, but do not offer the same response, sound and feel as acoustic drums and cymbals.

Q2 Can I take grade exams?

A2 Yes! Andy offers exam coaching across all grading exam boards and levels. His students maintain a very high pass rate, with most achieving Merit or Distinction grades. With experience teaching in colleges, Andy is also able to offer guidance and coaching in other academic qualifications such as GCSE and BTEC Diplomas.

Q3 Why is Andy cheaper than other teachers I've seen?

A3 He has fewer expenses. As Andy is self employed and able to use a home studio, his outgoing costs are lower than that of other organisations.

Q4 How long are lessons?

A4 Lessons can range from 30 minutes upwards- Andy has done 3-hour masterclasses in the past! For most students, the recommendation would be 30 minutes weekly or an hour fortnightly for the best development.

Q5 When and how do I pay?

A5 You can pay by either cash or cheque, either as you go or for any number in advance, whichever is most convenient for you! Should you pay in advance, any lessons you cancel before the 6:00pm deadline will simply roll over to the next unpaid lesson.

Q6 What ages dose Andy teach?

A6 In general 5 and upwards works well, but there are no rules. Each student is treated individually, and Andy is happy to take trial lessons with younger students to see if they are ready!

Q7 What do I need to take lessons? Do I need a drum kit?

A7 Everything you need at lessons will be provided. It is recommended that you have your own sticks to practice between lessons, but most material can be practiced without a drum kit; certainly in the early stages. Once you are sure that drumming is a hobby which will stick, a kit to practice on would be ideal, and we may work from some books, but there is no commitment to buy either of these.

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